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Giovanni Bellassai

Bellassai Giovanni is a leader in import and export in Catania, in relation to production of very high quality table grape trade of different types. Firm's strengths are professionalism and competence, but above all passion of Lorenzo Bellassai and his father Giovanni, who has been working in field for over fifty years, collaboration with over one hundred farmers, selected for quality of products and for innovative production techniques. 

Company deals exclusively with table grapes, operating in cultivation and harvesting work for seven months a year, and for either Italian market, Europe, Arab countries and Northern Africa.



Grape Vittoria

The first white grape of the season

The grape Vittoria is a quality of grapes between the earliest, that ripens without any intervention to July, but which may also be possibly early in May through forcing.

Black Magic

Grape Black Magic

A sweet and pleasant black grapes

The quality of grapes Black Magic mature rather early, as early as May / June, when the grapes reach their full color. It is a sweet grape, a low degree of acidity.

Red Magic

Grapes Red Magic

The summer red grapes

The Magic Red grapes with seeds is a quality red grapes and pleasant, helpful towards June. Unfortunately, the presence on the Italian market of the Chilean version causes severe problems in marketing.


grape italia

The winter white grapes

Grapes Italy is one of the most famous quality of Italian grapes, with late ripening, even until December, and bunches that often reach a weight over a pound.

Red Globe

grape red globe

The sweetest red grapes

The quality of Red Globe produces large bunches, with maturation in late July, but preemptible in May. Grapes Red Globe is sweet, easy to digest and very caloric.

Black Pearl

grape black pearl

The taste of beauty

This quality of black grape produces large bunches with oval grains, characteristic for the beauty of form and the magnificent purplish black. It tastes sweet, delicate and pleasant.

Bellassai Giovanni: PRODUCTION AND TRADE OF grapes in Mazzarrone

A long experience for a good and genuine product

Family-owned company specialized in import and export sector in Mazzarrone, Province of Catania, in agriculture, and particularly in the production of table grapes in territory of Mazzarrone, located in province of Catania. 

Founded in 1996, thanks to expertise and experience of over fifty years gained by Giovanni Bellassai, who runs business with his son Lorenzo, company in recent years has exceeded 5000 tons of grapes produced annually, working from spring until autumn: in greenhouse until beginning of July, under tarps until August and then in open field, until harvest period. Despite difficulties encountered by Italian farmers who have to compete with foreign products because of globalization, Bellassai Giovanni manages to stay productive on European market..

Decoro nero Bellassai

All sweetness of Sicilian sun

Decoro nero

Family business, working in field of import and export in Mazzarrone, in agriculture, with high production of exquisite table grapes, of various types and top quality, which is offered mainly to the European market. The company, leader in its sector, has achieved in recent years a production of about 5000/6000 tons a year, and uses the work of over one hundred specialized growers in grape production, active in the area of Mazzarrone and throughout the province of Catania. Behind the success that Giovanni Bellassai continues to obtain, despite difficulties of competing with foreign products, are his strong expertise, deep industry experience, and passion for his work. For precise information on products, special requests, information, orders, estimates, you can contact firm by phone or using contact form, available on this site.

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