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La Giovanni Bellassai "IMPORT - EXPORT"

Giovanni, founder of company, has been in business for nearly fifty years. In 1996 he founded with great pride that his company, managed and assisted by his son Lorenzo.

Quality and guarantees

Farmers who work with company produced solely table grapes of the best quality, using innovative methods and advanced techniques, to ensure an incomparable product for freshness, for taste and for the beauty of the fruits, which are a true symbol Sicilian agricultural productivity. The grapes are grown for a period that starts from late spring until early winter, starting with grapes in greenhouses, then move on to the cultivation under tarpaulins, between July and early August, and ending with grapes produced in the open field. Sale of grapes by Giovanni Bellassai has come in recent years to amount of 5000/6000 tons, with commercial activity that will appeal not only to Italy, but also in northern and eastern Europe, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Netherlands, where Italian grapes are particularly appreciated. 

Professionalism and quality mean that company is able to maintain a leading position in the market, however, with globalization, the Italian product unfortunately is often neglected in favor of Middle Eastern or African fruit, according to a trade policy that favors cheap quality. Aim of Giovanni Bellassai in Catania, as well as providing a guaranteed product for high quality, is to enhance Italian grapes and work of farmers, and spread awareness that foreign origin and low cost should not devaluate uniqueness of Italian agricultural production. For information, inquiries and orders you can contact firm by phone or email.