Grapes Black Magic in Catania Pleasant taste, black grapes

Grapes Black Magic is considered one of the best qualities of early black grapes: it matures towards the end of June, when they come to get their characteristic dark blue color. It is tasty grape, very sweet, a low degree of acidity and the large grains oval almost seedless. To get good results from Black Magic grape cultivation in Catania must follow scrupulously the rules, because it is a very sensitive plant to temperature changes, especially during flowering, which also requires a precise pruning to ensure maximum fertility. The berries are resistant, and lend without problems to be packaged and transported, the clusters often reach the weight of 500 grams. 

Originally from Moldova, grapes Black Magic Catania offers excellent performance even for winemaking, although the Bellassai Giovanni company occupies only the distribution of the fruits intended for food use. The qualities of this grape, besides the intense color, are in the crispness of the beans and delicious taste, making it a unique fruit from the table, as well as an essential ingredient in many of bakery specialties, especially for the decorative effect achieved with fruit tarts. Early maturation is of great advantage to the commercial activity, as it allows you to have the fruit already before the summer. 

The climate of Sicily, generally mild, allowing grapes to ripen quickly, also the care that the farmers Bellassai Giovanni reserve to each product, respecting the correct pruning and providing times, if necessary, to the cultivation with tarpaulins or greenhouses, allows to achieve excellent results. The company is a family-run been working in the sector since 1996, but derived from great experience of Giovanni Bellassai, who for nearly 50 years has been active in production and distribution of Sicilian grapes.