Grapes Black Pearl in Catania A red grape of extraordinary beauty

Bellassai Giovanni is a company which operates since 1996 in the agricultural sector, with a particular emphasis on production and marketing of table grapes of the best Italian quality. The company makes use of the glue-ration of over one hundred farmers, who work in the greenhouse, in crops covered by tarpaulins and in the open field, offering the market a wide and consistent production of white grape, black and red, made with innovative techniques to ensure a product with high quality standards. Bellassai Giovanni ‘s aim is also to give value to the work of Italian farmers, which often suffer from global market, which favors foreign products, especially of Middle Eastern origin, South American and African, for the simple reason of reduced prices, without regardless of the quality. But, of course, the price so competitive may not coincide with the best products, while the Italian growers offer a product for guaranteed freshness, taste and nutritional characteristics. 

A grape of great value, matured rather late making available until December, is the grape Black Pearl of Catania, whose bunches, with an average weight of 800 grams, are known for the harmonious beauty, for size and for large berries, juicy and crisp, with a few hazels, the characteristic purplish black. And 'sweet and nutritious grape, durable and easy to carry, which is very well suited for pastry, for decorating tarts and pastries, thanks to the regular form and the intense color of the grapes. In addition to grapes Black Pearl of Catania, Bellassai Giovanni, thanks to collaboration with a network of specialist growers, is engaged in production and distribution of various types of Sicilian grapes, including Italy, Regina and Red Globe. The company comes from the long experience of Giovanni Bellassai, which for nearly 50 years has been active in the agricultural environment and higher quality grape production.