Grapes Italy in Catania white grapes for winter

Grapes Italy is perhaps one of the most famous and important Italian table grapes, from a lush and very productive vine with clusters which can weigh more than a pound and oval grapes large. The flesh is sweet, with a slight muscat aroma, and is rich in vitamins, minerals and easily digestible sugars and digestible. 

The exceptional measure of the berries also depends on the incision practice that occurs in the vineyard, the result of which is precisely to increase the size of the fruits. However, lately, this system is avoided by many farmers, because it does not require the obtaining of a better quality. For this reason, Italy Catania grapes are produced without the technique, getting smaller berries but from the higher sugar content and reduced acidity: a choice made to retain the final consumer a high quality product, keeping totally unaltered the nutritional characteristics and taste. This grape variety was created in the early twentieth century from a cross between two fine white varieties, the fruits begin to ripen in late August and the production often continues until the beginning of winter. 

Very pleasing to both the natural and combined with fruit salads and pastries, Italy Grapes of Catania is a nutritious food and the many beneficial properties. The company Bellassai Giovanni, thanks to the availability of experienced growers, who work both in greenhouse and open field, each year produces large quantities of Italian grapes, destined to the Italian market but also to Europe the north and east, where the 'Italian grapes is particularly welcome. Active in market since 1996, company owes its success to high quality of produced grapes, accuracy of crop and great passion for its work, combined with firm intention of giving value to work of farmers' Italian grapes.