Grapes Red Globe in Catania Sweet red grapes

The grape Red Globe story begins in the fifties, as Californians university researchers create this type of grapes late ripening table, it became over time one of the most popular and appreciated. Red Globe Grapes of Catania is a fruit much loved by consumers, because of the clusters of large size, which often reach a weight of 800 grams, and large berries, juicy and almost without hazels. unmistakable characteristic of this grape table is the color of the fruit, a beautiful shade of pink and blue, made translucent by the typical white veil that often covers the grapes. 

Red Globe Grapes Catania in late autumn and is available until December, a special feature that makes it appreciated not only by the final consumer but also by the market itself. The pulp of the berries is sweet and crisp, and cultivation is often done using organic farming methods. It 'a durable fruit, easy to pack and transport without damage, and the company Giovanni Bellasai Catania devotes each year a large part of the production for this product. Like all other Sicilian table grapes, grapes Red Globe has nutritional and unsurpassed taste qualities, enhanced by the Sicilian territory, where the climate is usually maintains pleasant and mild in the winter months. 

The company since 1996 offers the Italian and foreign market a huge amount of high quality table grapes, produced by experienced growers, who work both in greenhouse and in open field. Aim of Bellassai Giovanni is to offer market a safe and guaranteed product quality and freshness, using innovative techniques to preserve their nutritional properties and ensure availability on market from early summer until December. For information on different types of grapes available during year, you can contact company by phone or email.