Grapes Red Magic in Catania Red grapes in summer months

Italian grapes is not just black or white, but also red, and one of the best qualities of red Sicilian bulks grape is the Red Magic, a quality of typical summer grapes: in fact the fruits they complete their maturation early, between June and July. 

Grapes Red Magic of Catania is an excellent quality of table grapes, fine, sweet, and particularly suitable for the summer months, it is natural that in salads, parfaits and ice cream. Thanks to the long experience in the cultivation and sale of table grapes, and the availability of a hundred farmers who work with innovative techniques, Bellassai Giovanni offers a high quality annual production of grapes Red Magic that, on the favorable climate of Sicily, begins to ripen in early summer. However, despite the efforts and the continued efforts of the company to affirm the value of Italian grape, grapes Red Magic Catania undergoes continual market fluctuations due to the presence of Chilean competitors. In fact, if in the past the grape Red Magic of Chilean origin was available until spring, then leaving space for national production, currently often the case that the Chilean product is on the market until June, and sold at competitive prices. 

Obviously this spread Chilean grapes even in full season of Italian products, has greatly affected the Sicilian producers and the company, which are having to compete with a low-quality foreign products, but often preferred because it offered at a lower cost . Active in the market since 1996, company Bellassai Giovanni has always tried to enhance work of Italian farmers that produce grapes of highest quality, impossible to compare with foreign productions. Unfortunately, biggest problem for Sicilian farmers is they do not receive proper reward they deserve, and see more and more foreign products simply because they cost less.