Grapes Vittoria in Catania The first summer white grapes

Grapes Vittoria Catania is a quality of white grapes among earliest ones, maturing on July 1, but which can be easily anticipated even in May. It is a grape otte-ported by a cross between two different species of grapes, which has allowed to obtain this type of fruit consists of large round grapes bunches and which can also reach a weight of 7 grams. 

The grape color Vittoria is golden yellow, the taste is sweet and pleasant, with a soft and juicy pulp. The grape bunches Vittoria have a weight of over 500 grams, and each plant gets to produce about 25 kilograms. It 'a durable fruit, which is easily adapted to be transported. The grape vine Victory of Catania starts to sprout already in early April, and then on to early flowering and maturation: in Sicily, thanks to the favorable climate, in July the grapes are often ready for harvest . Typically, the precocity of the ripening of the grapes is a feature of significant importance for the production of large quantities. Grapes Vittoria, as well as being pleasing to the taste not overly sweet, it is digestible, energy and detoxification. 

Thanks to the innovative techniques used by farmers who work with Bellassai Giovanni in Catania, it is possible to bring this type of grapes to an even more rapid maturation, getting grapes ready before June. White table grapes must have characteristics of sweetness and pleasant taste, juicy and crunchy grapes: accuracy and great experience, Bellassai Giovanni sells only grapes corresponding to high quality standards, which have allowed company to get an important position not only in Italian market but also in other countries of Northern and Eastern Europe, that particularly appreciate Sicilian grapes.